One Community.

Welcome to our BLOG, where we share, through our eyes, a glimpse of what community togetherness means to the ALIAS Brands. 

By providing apparel custom to the specific initiative campaign, are we able to support you, the community, and create a dedicated partnership for our audience to give back. Our blog space is your blog space, which means we invite you to submit your personal stories of tribulations and triumphs experienced through the Global Pandemic; COVID-19, community encounters and emotions that resonates with our cause. 

We encourage you to share, and utilize this space of togetherness so others who feel your story on a personal level do not feel alone, discouraged or empty through the challenges we were forced to endure. Please note, all blog submissions will be pre-screened to ensure the nature of the context is appropriate and in alignment to the initiative. No explicit language or graphic content will be permitted

Email your story to with your blog, social media handles and website, so we may share your platform with others. If you wish to remain anonymous and for the blog to be confidential, but still want to share, simply state that in your email, as we respect your privacy and appreciate your kindness and willingness to share with those who may need to read your story.

On behalf of ALIAS Apparel Inc., ALIAS Initiative and the ALIAS Brands, THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting us with your story to serve a larger purpose and to support those who do not know where to turn. 

We are “Strong Apart. Even Stronger Together.”


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